Op-Ed13 June

Of discontent, the World Cup, and elections in Brazil

Will the 2014 World Cup in Brazil be the stage for a surge of protest movements as most, particularly the government fear? Nobody can tell for sure. The June 2013 mass protests that created a climate of stress at the Confederations’Cup and led to a downwards trend on presidential popularity were unprecedented and unpredicted. This spontaneous outbreak of discontent, often amplified through mobile communications and social networks, elude the explanations sociologists and political scientists have for mass rallies, riots and other forms of public demonstrations of dissatisfaction all over the world. More »

Op-Ed31 December

HAPPY 2013

More ambitious goals: peace, freedom, and change.

HAPPY 2013

Op-Ed, Treks14 December

IPCC issues statement regarding leakage of a draft report

The IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – has issued a detailed statement on an unauthorized version of a draft report from its Working Group I that is circulating on the Web. You can read it here.



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Op-Ed10 August

Climate and carbon connections of the current crisis

Sergio Abranches

Among the many reasons for concern about the near future of the global economy, markets are looking at food price inflation in China as a factor that might increase the likelihood of a world recession. More »

Op-Ed04 August

No bill no deal

Sergio Abranches

Lack of a Federal climate bill in the U.S. is likely to jeopardize Cancun’s climate talks.

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Op-Ed14 June

Bonn: no “grand accord” possible

Sergio Abranches

The preparatory Climate Change meeting in Bonn has closed showing small progress. It should be clear by now that UNFCCC will never lead to a “grand accord”. More »